Sunday, February 26, 2012

my birthday celebrations

Yesterday was my 18th birthday!  I celebrated with friends by getting pizza and then frozen yogurt.  First though, I got matching piercings with a boy whom I have been more or less best friends with since we met in kindergarten, 13 years ago.  We both got our left inner conches pierced!  It kind of hurt (and is really sore right now!) but I love it anyway.

I wore one of my favourite (and most festive) dresses for the occasion!  You can also see my new piercing in the bottom-right photo.
beret: forever 21
bow: chocomint
cutsew: dream-v
jumperskirt: angelic pretty
socks: angelic pretty
shoes: toms
I decided to kind of switch it up and not wear lolita-specific shoes, so I wore my brand new pink glittery Toms!  They definitely don't scream lolita, nor are they really lolita appropriate, but I kind of liked how it looked so I'm probably going to keep wearing them with my more casual lolita outfits.  My dad got them for me as my birthday present (along with a Bodyline dress which has yet to arrive) and I absolutely love them.  I actually got mostly pink stuff for my birthday, which is great!  The guy I got my piercing with got me all of the great stuff in the first photo, including strawberry body wash, strawberry body butter, strawberry lip gloss, a star necklace, ivory bow clips, red flower clips, and cupcake earrings!  I also got a bunch of candy from another one of my friends, and quite a number of cute cards from everyone.

I also bought stuff for myself, including the chocomint rings seen above, the Dream-V cutsew that I'm wearing in my outfit, a black and pink starry chocomint bow, and a chocomint crown bracelet!  Alright, maybe I just bought those because I lost control of myself and shouldn't have spent money but did anyway...!

So I'm a sucker for delicious food photos, so here are a few from our frozen yogurt extravaganza:

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