Thursday, March 1, 2012

giveaway awarded!

from we heart it
Well, today is March 1st, which means that today is the day I'm picking the winner of my giveaway!
Without further ado, the winner is...


I'm Nicole.

My favorite blog would have to be either , , , or .
I like them because they're both informative and wonderful reads. : D"
Thank you so much everybody for entering!  Don't be sad if you didn't win because I'm hopefully going to hold more giveaways and contests, so keep your eyes out for others!
I asked everybody to tell me their favourite blog, so I felt that it would be appropriate to write about mine.  Currently, my favourite blog is parfait doll.  The author, Victoria, seems to be a very lovely girl who has great coordinates, and I love that she blogs openly about her political views on her tumblr, despite being traditionally a "kawaii blog."  I also really like the articles that she writes for her blog because they're very interesting and well-written!  The feel of her blog is just perfect, too; I adore the layouts and the photos that she uses.  All around, I just really love her blog because it is so cute and just right for my personal tastes.
Once again, thanks for entering my contest, and please stick around!

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