Monday, March 19, 2012

an evolution of a community

our small group!
Last Sunday, my local Kentucky lolita group had their very first meetup in almost two years.  The last meet we had was in July 2010; that seems like such a long time ago!  In that time, I've been to many other meets, just never in my neck of the woods.  In fact, I had even been to four not in this country!  I thought that was pretty silly, and I missed hanging out with my local group.

Our local group was pretty old and started out as a community called louisville_loli, but as you can see, that community is long since dead.  Then, in 2008, an internet lolita acquaintance of mine contacted me and asked if I would like to help start another, newer and perhaps fresher Kentucky lolita community.  I said sure, and soon enough, ky_lolita was born.  At first we were really quiet (I remember nobody posted for a couple of weeks after it was made!) but eventually, we had our first meetup.  At this point, I was still very new at lolita, and only had a few outfits, so I was kind of nervous to be going to a meetup.  I was also at an awkward age, and when I look back at my first posts and the comments that I wrote, I feel so embarrassed!  But I suppose that's what comes with being a young lolita.  (I have more to say on this subject, but that will be the topic for another post!)

Even though there were only three total girls at our first meetup, we continued to have them, and our group kept growing.  Of course, I never expected our group to be very large, especially living in such a conservative place.  Our meets never got above five people generally, but that's nice for shy people like me.  On a few occasions, we had more than ten people!  But I quite liked our small, cozy, little meets.

Unfortunately, the moderator of our community moved on, and I took over.  However, she seemed to be the person holding the group together, because after she left, we kind of fell apart, which explains our nearly two year hiatus.  Me and Daniel (the person standing next to me in the above picture, in the blue dress) met up every now and then, since we both live in the same city and are very close in age, which makes me feel more comfortable with him.  We have both been trying to plan meets for a while now, but none of them seemed to work out, which means I was very happy when someone else decided to take the initiative and plan a meetup!  Despite planning it in Lexington, which is about an hour and a half drive away, I was still happy, so Daniel and I hopped in the car and drove together.  I had a lovely time, even though I'm pretty shy and don't say much at all.  We met at a coffee shop and just sat and talked; none of us were particularly acquainted with the others, so we were all shy at first but definitely got more talkative by the end of it.  Unfortunately, I didn't get many photos because it was getting dark when we got there, but I did get to take one of my outfit before we left.

hat: target
blouse: forever 21
necklace: forever 21
jumperskirt: metamorphose temps de fille
socks: metamorphose temps de fille
shoes: y-not 
As you can see, I cut my bangs!  I decided to try out the V-shaped bangs that seem to be prominent in the goth community, but I wanted them a little softer; I think it gives them a sort of 1940s look, which I like.  I also took photos of my earrings, which I also liked!

I love earrings!
I got the long dangling earrings from a pop-up store in New York City's Bryant Park Holiday Fair, the plugs are from Body Art Forms, and the starfish studs are from Forever 21!  I love earrings, I just want to wear tons of them all at the same time!

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