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spring 2012

Welcome to Spring 2012!  Spring has always my favourite season (though it is a close tie with fall!) because I simply love flowers.  I just think they're so pretty in all forms; real flowers, drawings and paintings of flowers, flowers on cakes, floral printed clothing, you name it.  I also love rain, and while of course it can rain in any season, spring rain is my favourite.  The weather isn't hot yet, but it's green outside and all the nice plants are starting to come up.  As well as the beautiful nature this time of year, spring fashion trends are always fun, and this year is no different.

innocent world
  • Polka dots are big this season!  If you take a look on the runway and in any mainstream fashion store, you're bound to find skirts, blouses, jackets, shoes, all emblazoned with polka dots, in all sorts of colour schemes.  Polka dots have been a mainstay of lolita fashion for a while, and it's easy to find both brand and off-brand clothing choices with polka dots.  Angelic Pretty just released a new print called Polka Dot Chocolate that I think is quite adorable, but if sweet isn't your thing, Innocent World always has a couple of polka dotted pieces, and moi-meme-moitie sometimes even puts one out!
  • Tangerine is the big colour this spring.  Never seen a tangerine lolita dress before?  Me neither.  However, you can still hop on this trend by wearing any orange dress, even though those are still pretty rare in lolita!  Innocent World has one here, but the long sleeves might be off-putting for some during this season; it was almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit the other day, where I live!  If long sleeves aren't your thing, Baby The Stars Shine Bright released a short-sleeved gingham dress in a very bright orange colour that can be seen here.  I remember people were so astonished to see this colour when this dress came out, but maybe BtSSB was just a couple years ahead of the game.
  • Pastels are big this season, as they are most springs; great news for the sweet lolitas out there!  This means that there will be many more cute, pastel blouses, socks, and accessories in mainstream stores that can easily be incorporated into lolita coordinates.
  • Bold floral prints are also really hot this season.  The classic brands are always putting out dresses with upholstery-esque floral prints year-round, but I've seen some much bolder floral prints also released during the hotter months.  Keep an eye out for those this season; I haven't seen any yet, but I'm sure that they're bound to pop up eventually.  If wearing an entire dress or skirt with a bold floral scares you, you can always look for a silky floral blouse in mainstream stores to spice up a solid-coloured jumperskirt, or try a sleeveless one and pair it with a nice skirt and cardigan.
  • Colour blocking always seems to be kind of popular, but it's definitely a trend this spring.  Most of the runways featured bright, neon colours, like hot pink, lemon yellow, cobalt blue, and jungle greens; those colours are not seen very often, or at all, in lolita.  If you want to try a colour-blocked lolita outfit, I would suggest using the pastel versions of those colours: pale pink, pastel yellow, baby blue, and mint green.
  • Stripes are always popular, but surprisingly rare in lolita.  I absolutely adore stripes so I'm always on the lookout for a good striped dress (especially black and white ones!) but I don't seem to find them very often.  They're much easier to find in the classic brands than any other subset.  However, the brands are releasing the teasers for their summer collections, and sailor lolita is always big in the summer, so maybe we'll see some sailor stripes this year?  If you want to add a touch of stripes to your outfit, look out for striped blazers and cardigans.
  • Victorian-inspired blouses seem to be gaining popularity again, just like they did a couple of years ago.  Look for lace blouses, Peter-pan collars, and any generally feminine and ruffly tops that can be incorporated into lolita coordinates as well as casual coordinates.

(some songs contain swearing -- listener's discretion advised!)

Andrew Jackson Jihad - Little Prince
Arkona - Goi, Rode, Goi
Barry Louis Polisar - All I Want Is You
The Beatles - Mother Nature's Son
Coldplay - Viva La Vida
The Decemberists - Yankee Bayonet
John Denver - Country Roads
Sigur Ros - Gobbledigook
Vampire Weekend - M79

I don't really have any explanation to these songs; these are just spring songs for me.  Every part of them reminds me of spring, whether it's from the sound effects used in the song (like in Goi, Rode, Goi; the ocean in the background makes me think of water, which makes me think of rain, which makes me think of spring!) or if it's from me first hearing the song in the springtime.  This also shows my eclectic taste in music, although I will admit that I don't like some of these bands outside these specific songs.  Some of these songs might not be for you, because there is a varying amount of loudness and "hipster"-ness, but if you have time during your day to listen, then please do so.  If you can listen to these songs and get a sense of spring from them, then I have done my job right!

This coordinate was created with the bold floral trend in mind.  It utilizes a Dolce & Gabbana floral blouse with a cream coloured Innocent World jumperskirt to tone down the brightness of the blouse.  The rest of the outfit is pretty neutral coloured because the blouse is so bright, but the fuchsia colour in the blouse is brought in again in the shoes, which are silk paisley.  If you want to use a floral blouse in your coordinate, I would suggest keeping the rest of the outfit pretty calm, because the blouse's print is likely to be the focal point of the outfit.

This one was created with the tangerine colour trend in mind.  I decided to have mostly a traditional sweet lolita look, but I switched it up a little by using ankle socks, which actually weren't very popular in lolita fashion before last summer.  I used the tangerine colour on the dress, necklace, and bracelet, using the jewelry to tie in the colour to the rest of the outfit.

This final coordinate utilizes the rest of the listed trends all it one.  While it really just looks like a stereotypical modern sweet lolita coordinate, it also uses a bunch of spring trends all at once.  It uses pastels, polka dots, stripes, and a Victorian blouse all in one!  Despite the pattern mixing, the pieces all work together to make an interesting outcome.

I hope you enjoyed this installment of my features on the seasonal trends.  I'm hoping to do these every season, so look out for my Summer 2012 post!

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