Monday, April 2, 2012

easy outfits

Casual lolita is one of my favourite styles because it's so easy to wear (which makes sense; the word casual brings to mind easiness after all!)  It's also one of the few styles that I think I've perfected outfits for.  While I love wearing other styles, like over-the-top sweet, gothic, classic, I don't think that I've put together perfect outfits for any of those styles.  Perfect outfits, to me, need to include a favourite main piece (skirt, jumperskirt, or one piece) along with just the right balance of accessories, a blouse that matches it perfectly, and the best pair of shoes for the outfit.

That seems a little boring, right?  To have the perfect formula for an outfit, one that can only be tweaked in minuscule amounts because you don't want to lose the perfect feel that you've created for said outfit?  I suppose it is, which might be the real reason as to why I haven't perfected any elaborate outfits; I want to keep my options open when I get the chance to wear those.  However, I think that casual lolita is one style where you really want to have a formula for your outfit.

I wear casual lolita on the days where I don't have time to wear an elaborate outfit, whether it's because of school or traveling, or because it's just inappropriate to wear something like that.  For this reason, I like having coordinates that I can wear multiple times without much thought to them.  It's just the same as having a favourite t-shirt and jeans combo, except maybe a tad more elegance to it!  My personal favourite outfit has to be this one:

hat: forever 21
cardigan: forever 21
blouse: forever 21
belt: stole from my sister
skirt: metamorphose temps de fille
socks: innocent world
shoes: target
I'm always changing the hair accessories that I wear for this outfit, but I have a bunch of them that I think all look good with this, so it's more of a 'wanting to switch things up' rather than a 'being unable to decide on what looks best' sort of deal.  Most of the pieces in this outfit come from mainstream brands, which I personally think is great!  That means cheaper prices while still looking cute, which is a big part of casual lolita in my mind.  Sure, you can have an entire brand wardrobe that you just make casual coordinates from, but wouldn't you rather spend a lot of money on elaborate outfits?  (I understand if you don't, however; some people might think that they should spend more money on items that they will wear all the time, which makes sense.  You want quality for your money, and quality if you're going to wear an item often, to ensure it doesn't fall apart!  However, I like to spend my money on more over-the-top pieces, because you don't often get the same effect from offbrand pieces.)

I got this skirt in a lucky pack years ago, and was initially distraught.  It's not the normal shade of baby pink that is often found in sweet lolita, it's more of a salmon colour, and I didn't have anything salmon back when I got this.  The lace is cream, and I also didn't have anything cream in my wardrobe, seeing as I was more of a sweet lolita and not a classic one.  I kept it in the back of my closet for quite a long time, pairing it with white every now and then, but never being really in love with the coordinates I could make with it.  I bought the cardigan and tried to pair this skirt with a black blouse and black shoes, plus the oatmeal coloured cardigan and cream socks, but still wasn't entirely pleased with the outcome.  (Neither was the daily_lolita community!)

However, then I took a trip to Forever 21 and found this great blouse.  It's cream, made of lace, and has a ruffly yoke with a bow tie.  Perfect for lolita!  I had also been searching for brown oxfords for quite some time, and finally found some cheap and cute ones at Target.  When I finally got all the pieces together, I realized that this outfit was perfect, except for one thing; both the blouse and the skirt had fully elastic waistbands, and it looked a little strange when I put them together.  However, I remedied that by wearing a thick, brown belt that I had been hoarding from my sister's wardrobe.  I was so happy, because I finally found a comfortable, cute outfit that I could wear anywhere!  This also goes to show you that just because you may not like something at first, like this skirt for me, doesn't mean that you won't grow to like it or have any outfits that you can wear with it.

While I have other go-to casual lolita outfits, this just happens to be my favourite one, and I wear it often.  Sometimes with different socks (ankle socks if it's hot, tights if it's not) and sometimes with different hair accessories, but the basic outfit is always the same.  My personal challenge next year is to wear lolita every day, so I need to come up with some more outfits like these for lazy days where I don't feel like coming up with an outfit!

Do you have any go-to outfits for when you want to dress up but don't want to get too creative?

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