Thursday, June 7, 2012

danny boyle's frankenstein

Yesterday I went to see National Theater London's production of Frankenstein at my local movie theater.  The production was starring Benedict Cumberbatch (my favourite actor) and Jonny Lee Miller.  I was very excited to hear that NTL was showing this production in movie theaters, and even more excited to find out that it was playing in my city!  Usually we don't get anything good.  I made it a point to be free on both June 6th and June 7th, the only two days that it was playing.  Luckily I got to see it yesterday, but I would also love to see it again today!

I thought the production was very interesting.  It was very fast-paced, which I was grateful for, as I thought the book to be a little slow at times.  It follows the book's plot pretty well, in my opinion, unlike other adaptations of the book that take away the creature's voice.  In the version I saw, Jonny Lee Miller played the creature and Benedict Cumberbatch played Victor Frankenstein.  I was really hoping to see the reverse casting with Cumberbatch as the monster and Miller as the creator, but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this casting.

My friend wrote a long review of it here, if you're interested in learning more about it (the review contains spoilers, however)!  All in all, I thought it was a quite good production; I may be biased because my favourite actor was in it, but it did get very wonderful reviews and the shows were constantly sold-out night after night, which is a pretty good sign.  Unfortunately, if you didn't catch it yesterday or today, you might not have a chance to legally see it again, as it was only scheduled to play for those two nights with no DVD release.  However, I will keep hoping for a DVD release!

Of course, going out anywhere means an opportunity to dress up, so I took that and ran with it, wearing a not-really-Frankenstein-appropriate outfit!
headbow: handmade
bolero: forever 21
jumperskirt: angelic pretty
purse: angelic pretty
stockings: ebay
shoes: an*tai*na
jewelry: kuma crafts, alice dear
I only really wear this JSK in the summer which is a shame, because it is so comfortable!  It's fully shirred with adjustable straps, which are two things I love.  I need to wear it more often!  It's an old release from around 2006; it might actually have been in a lucky pack, but I'm not sure about that.
my first alpaca!  i picked this up at anime north~
In my next post I promise I will write about Anime North!  I've really been meaning to but things just keep getting in the way.

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