Sunday, June 17, 2012

event report: anime north (part 1 of 2)

photo courtesy of Kayleigh Shepard

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I was at Anime North 2012!  Anime North is held every year in Toronto, and it is growing in popularity.  They had to implement an attendance cap of 20,000 people this year, which made the con stressful (because the cap was actually met; the con was sold out!) but still fun.  I don't go to conventions for the anime, for the most part; I go for the lolita events, and they were really fun this year!  I met new friends, hung out with old friends, and had a great time all around.  I only went to two out of the three days, because we had to drive up on Friday after school; it's a 10 hour drive to get from Louisville, Kentucky to Waterloo, Ontario (which is where my grandparents live/my place to stay during AN!)  I'm going to break this report into two different posts because I have so many pictures.

As I said above, I spent Friday driving up to Canada, so I didn't go to the con on that day.  However, when Saturday morning rolled around, I somehow managed to crawl out of bed and get dressed in my first hime-lolita outfit.  I had been planning this coord for months, so putting it on for the first time was really exciting for me!
eric, matt, me, and charles (from left to right)
We started out the day driving to Toronto from Waterloo; it's about an hour drive, so that's not too bad. I went with my cousin Matt, my cousin's friend Eric, my boyfriend Charles, and my mom.  We got there around 11am and the line to get in was HUGE!  There were so many people waiting in line, probably around 500 people, which was ridiculous.  I figured that since we were later in the day the line wouldn't be as long, but I was mistaken.  After waiting in line for about an hour, we finally got our badges and promptly went to eat lunch at Harvey's.

After that, we walked around the Artist Alley/Dealer's Room for a long time.  I just bought a few things; a ring from Alice Dear, a necklace from Kuma Crafts, an arpakasso cell phone charm that I put on my purse, and a small Hetalia vinyl figure.  After that, I went to a mini lolita meetup!

photo courtesy of Kayleigh Shepard
If there's one thing I have to say, it's that I love the Toronto area lolitas.  They are one of the most welcoming, beautiful, friendly, well-dressed groups of people that I know.  I've met a lot of awesome people through this group and they have been nothing but welcoming every single time I am up in Canada!  They are all really awesome, I can't stress that enough.

At this mini meetup, I got to hang out with my penpal Malli again (the photo on the left is of me and her!)  I haven't seen her since October, which was the last time I was in Toronto, so it was great seeing her again!  She is always dressed so adorably; don't you think Marchen Ribbon looks great on her?  We're planning on tripleting with another friend of ours (Kayleigh; you'll see her further down!) in Merry Making Party at next year's Anime North, and I am super excited for that!

The mini meet was located in the corner of the hotel that not many people go to; it was nice because it wasn't as crowded as the other side of the hotel was, and it had enough room for all of the petticoats.  There were still a bunch of people who wanted to take our photos, but for the most part, it was a pretty easy going time!  We basically just stood around and talked to each other, but I used the time to reconnect with all of my friends that I only get to see a couple of times a year, as well as meet new people who I will hopefully become better friends with in the future.

Now, onto the actual photos!  (Sorry that the colours are a bit weird on some of them; the hotel was really dark and a lot of my photos turned out blurry, so I tried to correct that but instead just made the colours weird!)
my beautiful friend malli~
my friend kayleigh adjusting her bloomers!
my friend stephanie (better known as cadney on tumblr and livejournal!)
stacy, geraldine, kayleigh, and malli (from left to right)
stacy and stephanie!
gorgeous geraldine~
lolita paparazzi!
my friend stacy in pirate lolita; so awesome!
milky planet twins~
the wonderful ladies selling tickets to the lolita tea party that was held on sunday!
stephanie and i~
malli and trumaine (stephanie's boyfriend)
Those are all of my lolita photos from Saturday!  I took some cosplay photos as well, but not too many, and since this isn't a cosplay blog I decided not to post them.  I also have the photos of my outfit to share, as well as quite a few detail shots!
wig: gothic lolita wigs
tiara: from prom
blouse: anna house
jumperskirt: angelic pretty
tights: forever 21
shoes: an*tai*na
parasol: baby the stars shine bright
purse: angelic pretty
accessories: handmade, chocomint, kuma crafts, alice dear arts
close-up of my hair and makeup
Thanks for making it through this huge post!  Part two is going to be even bigger because it covers all of Sunday, which includes the lolita fashion show and the lolita tea party!

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