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event report: anime north (part 2 of 2)

i love my alpaca!
(a continuation of this post)

The Sunday of Anime North was the better day, in my opinion.  Saturday was just too hectic and crowded for me, so I was glad that the next day was better.  There were less people, and everything seemed to be more chill.  All of the lolita paneling landed on Sunday, which I was also happy about!  Unfortunately, I didn't get to go to any of the panels, but I did model in the fashion show as well as attend the following tea party.  As it was last time, pictures under the cut!

So on Sunday, I went to the convention alone.  Nobody else in my family is interested in lolita stuff, so I was okay with that, but as soon as I stepped into the hotel, I got incredibly nervous.  I am a very shy and anxious person, so my stress levels were pretty high trying to find where I was supposed to meet for the fashion show.  I found a pair of lolitas and hoped that I would be able to go with them, but when I asked, they said they weren't participating in the fashion show!  So I was back at square one.  I eventually made my way, using the little bit of information that I had remembered from the previous year's fashion show.  Finally, I made it upstairs just in time to start getting ready to walk.  I managed to take some photos of people getting ready, but most of them are blurry as the room we were readying in was pretty dark.

various chatting lolitas

my friend cassandra in an AMAZING hime coordinate, with geraldine in the background

malli again!  she always has such adorable coordinates!

a pair of adorable chess chocolate twins

more twins in twinkle carnival! more hime coordinates! more sweet lolita!

lolitas with a gyaru on the side?!

getting ready to line up!
Then, finally, the show started!  There were four different sections, including lolitas, geisha, visual kei, and steampunk, but the lolitas went first because we had the most people.  I obviously didn't get any photos of the fashion show since I was walking in it, but I found some photographers who managed to get some shots!  Here is my outfit:

photos courtesy of Tasha B. Photography
bonnet: handmade by cassandra
one piece: angelic pretty
accessories: baby the stars shine bright, vintage, chocomint
purse: baby the stars shine bright (borrowed from cassandra!)
stockings: ebay
socks: forever 21
shoes: an*tai*na
You can see more photos of the show here and here (you'll have to scroll down a bit to find them) and watch the video of it below:

After the fashion show (which was really fun!) all of the lolitas rushed over to the tea party room.  The girls in the fashion show were astonished to find a gigantic line in front of where the tea party was supposed to be taking place.  Some girls asked around and found out that the line was the line to get into the tea party, which was amazing!  They presold all of the tickets for the party, so the room was going at full capacity.  Since the fashion show people were the last ones there, we had to wait outside the hotel, since the line was too large and it was blocking con traffic.  Luckily, we still got seats, and I got to sit with my friends.  I got a TON of photos from the tea party, but I'll save my readers the trouble of sorting through all of them and only pick the best ones.  You can see all of my photos over at my flickr.
three of the lovely ladies at my table~

my friends malli and kayleigh!

the table next to us

delicious food!  it included a vanilla cake slice, strawberries, and a mushroom mini quiche, which was absolutely delicious and i ate many of (whoops...)

one of the organizers, karen.  she sung (with a guitar accompaniment) for everyone during the tea party!

i just thought this was an interesting shot of malli's accessories~

a gorgeous girl in the midsummer night's dream print, and kayleigh examining her dress!

honey cake twins!

chess chocolate triplets!

i love print photos, too bad this one came out blurry...
Anime North was really fun for me this year.  The lolita programming was excellent, as always, and I can't wait to go back next year and see all of my friends again!  I'm hoping to go for the entire weekend next year, and stay in a hotel in Toronto so that I can participate in the night activities as well.  I'm really happy that it went well, and I want to thank all of the organizers of the lolita events; you guys did a really great job!!

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