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summer 2012

Summer is upon us once again (at least it is for us in the northern hemisphere!)  The days are getting longer, the temperature is getting hotter, and the kids are out of school.  Lolita fashion is, in my opinion, pretty difficult to wear during the summer; it's hot out, and you really don't want to be wearing all of those layers in fear of passing out due to heat exhaustion.  Mainstream summer fashion trends are exploding in popularity, and there are some simple ones that someone could add to lolita outfits.

from victorian maiden
  • Pastels are big this summer, in a continuation from the spring trends of this year.  The most popular colours this summer include yellow and using a pop of mint in an otherwise boring, monochromatic coordinate.  If you're feeling adventurous, try putting your pastel pop in the form of a blazer.  In the opposite direction, however, neons are also popular.  Neon colours aren't seen very much in lolita (read: hardly ever) because they don't exude an air of elegance or demureness, like pastels do.  However, you could incorporate them into a pop-kei inspired lolita coordinate (or lolita inspired pop-kei coordinates) or just add a splash of neon accents to a single-coloured outfit.  Maybe with some brightly coloured lips, in shades like electric tangerine, firetruck red, neon pink, or bright coral?
  • Dip-dyed hair.  I'm sure you've seen countless numbers of preteen hipsters running around with ombre hair; I know I have.  However, I think it would be cute for lolita, too.  If you're a sweet lolita used to wearing those gigantic pastel ponytail wigs, maybe trade those in for a simpler pastel-to-pastel fade, such as the ones stocked by Minty Mix.  If you like your real hair, you could try dying your actual hair; pastels go with every hair colour!  Just make sure to bleach it with care if you have dark hair.  For a more gothic look, you could dip-dye black hair with your favourite accent colour; Moitie blue perhaps?
  • Florals are still big this season, as they were in the spring.  One big trend this season are floral jeans.  I'd be hard-pressed to find a way to coordinate jeans in a lolita coordinate, but you can get a similar effect by wearing floral tights or leggings in a coordinate.  Another big thing: floral appliques.  Why settle for a print when you could be wearing three-dimensional flowers on your clothing?!  Make use of this trend by picking up cardigans with ruffly chiffon flowers on them, headbands with tulle roses, or even shoes with little toe flowers.
  • Gold is the metallic shade for this summer.  Find it on handbag accents or in big, chunky, statement necklaces.  Try to tie it into your makeup as well; a nice gold eye shadow or even eyeliner can do wonders for both a fancy day look and an elegant evening look.
  • The 1920s were a big inspiration to the fashion designers this season.  It would be difficult to incorporate a time period with such shapeless dresses into lolita fashion, so try it through accessories; find some long beaded or pearl necklaces and loop them around your neck multiple times, add a cloche to your hair accessory collection, or cut your hair (or wig) short with a wavy bob.  Mixing prints was a big thing in the 20s, and something that is incredibly popular now on the runway, so maybe try and find a nice art-deco inspired fabric to make a skirt from and pair it with a bold floral or striped print.  If that's a bit too adventurous for you, pick out one large-printed fabric and accessorize with tiny-scale prints.
  • Sheer blouses and skirts are all the rage these days.  They can be a little bit cheeky when worn (with only a bra underneath a sheer shirt, or with only boyshorts underneath a sheer skirt) but they can be easily modified to work with a lolita coordinate.  Wear a lacy camisole underneath a sheer blouse, or pair it with a jumperskirt for a cute and summery look.  I think of moi-meme-moitie when I think of sheer skirts in lolita, as they do it best (in my opinion): a chiffon overlayer with a satin underlayer makes for a very elegant and floaty design.
  • Finally, ankle socks and oversized hats are big this summer, which comes as no surprise because they are staples of summer fashion.  Ankle socks have been gaining popularity within lolita fashion, so much so that the brands are beginning to put them out.  I especially love the sheer Angelic Pretty socks that they've been releasing to match their summer prints.  Big hats are cute, and can be easily picked up at mainstream stores; however, brands have also been known to release cute boater hats, so look their first, either for inspiration or to buy!

Conor Oberst - Sausalito
Seymore Saves the WorldSummer 2005
The DecemberistsSons and Daughters
Simon and GarfunkelMrs. Robinson
Nicki MinajStarships
Surfer Blood Twin Peaks
Katy Perry - California Gurls

My friend Melody also made a summer playlist that you can find here if you have Spotify!

My summer playlist has a bit too much pop music than I would like to admit that I like, but to me, summer is the pop music season.  It's hot, your car windows are down and blaring the pop songs on the radio...that just seems like summer to me!

summer 2012 - pastels and neons

summer 2012 trends - pastels and neons by lunadear

I created these two coordinates to show the two different colours trends this season: pastels and neons, as well as a coordinating dip-dyed hair.  The coordinate on the left is a traditional lolita ensemble, featuring all pastels.  The pop of colour is included in the mint purse, headbow, and socks.  The one on the right is a much less traditional coordinate, one that verges on pop-kei territory.  The colours are bright and pop-y, but still coordinate to make an interesting combination of colours.

summer 2012 - florals, gold, colours

summer 2012 trends - florals, gold, colours by lunadear

This coordinate uses the floral, gold, and pastel colour trends.  I decided to go with a more classic outfit, as florals go together well with classic (well, with any style really, but when I think of floral lolita dresses I always think of classic!) so I picked a fairly muted and casual dress, which gets spiced up with the accessories.  The gold statement piece flower necklace ties together with the floral cuff and tights.  Then, to add a bit more interest to the outfit, I added a pink blazer; though it tends to get pretty hot where I'm from, so I wouldn't even think about wearing a jacket in the summer time!

summer 2012 - sheer, 1920s

summer 2012 trends - sheer, 1920s by lunadear

This was my attempt at a summer gothic outfit, using a floral moi-meme-moitie dress in light colours!  This one utilizes the rest of the summer trends, including 1920s influence, sheer fabrics, and big floppy hats.  You can see the 20s in the hairstyle and jewelry (though I recommend finding cheaper art deco-inspired jewelry -- $10,000 for a ring?  No, thank you!) and the obvious sheer fabric in the dress and the socks.  The big floppy hat coordinates with the accent colours on the dress, and the sandals were just a comfortable, summery touch.

I was originally going to post this on Summer Solstice day (June 20th) but I ran out of time -- oh well, here it is now!

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