Sunday, August 19, 2012

new beginnings

No real post this time, just an update: I've recently moved into my dorm and am starting my freshman year of college!  Right now I'm declared a chemistry major, but I'm hoping to do a double major in chemistry and studio art, meaning that I can get a job in pharmaceuticals during the day and be a comic book writer at night.

At the start of my senior year in high school, I told myself to wear as little lolita as possible but collect as many clothes as possible.  Why?  Because I wanted to wear lolita every day during my freshman year of college, and maybe every year past that depending on how well it went.  I've always been told to do ridiculous things during your college years because you won't be able to do it when you graduate and get into the professional world, so this is my "ridiculous thing."  I'm probably going to only wear it during the school week and not on the weekends, unless I'm going somewhere where I can really dress up instead of just wearing a casual outfit.  Here's hoping that my challenge will work out!

My classes start tomorrow at 8 am (yikes!) but I'll try to make more time to update this blog since I would really like to.  I'm creating a posting schedule for myself right now; hopefully I will do at least two posts a week, one editorial article and one news article, then a post on the last day of the month with all of my outfit shots from that previous month.  This schedule may change if I'm feeling particularly inspired, but I'll try not to do any less than this.  I actually have a big notebook full of article ideas so hopefully I can get to work on those soon!

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