Tuesday, August 28, 2012

wish lists and dream lists

my precious whip magic!
Recently, I had the luck of a good lolita friend send me a link to an auction where one of my favourite dresses was going for cheap.  When I say cheap, I mean super cheap.  I was very glad that she sent the link to me, as I was able to check another dress off of my wish list, one that's been on there since it was released in 2008.  But this lead me to think about other things that I want, and other things on my wish list, and compared them to things on my dream list, and so I decided to take it upon myself to define those words that we in the lolita community throw around so often.

To me, a wish list is different from a dream list, and I think most people would agree with that.  However, while you can have any number of items on your wish list, I think there should only be a few items on your dream list.

You can break the dream list up in any way you want to; dream skirt, dream one piece, dream gothic item, dream sweet jumperskirt.  I like to break it up into substyles, personally.  I have a dream sweet piece, and a dream gothic piece.  (I would have ones for the other substyles as well, like classic, punk, sailor...but I don't care about wearing those styles enough to have one!)  My dream sweet piece is the Wonder Party OP set in pink, and my dream gothic piece is the Silent Moon short OP in black x silver. To me, these two dresses are just definitive of what sweet lolita and gothic lolita is to me.  They are truly beautiful dresses, but they also include everything I love about both substyles: sweets, cakes, and Alice in Wonderland for Wonderparty, and architecture and simplicity for Silent Moon.

My wish list has many more pieces on it; too many to think of right now!  Some people have flickr albums full of their wish list items, but I haven't gotten around to doing one of those just yet...

What does a dream piece mean to you?  Do you think they're different from wish list items, or are the two interchangeable?

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