Saturday, November 10, 2012

photos from september-october

from my recent trip to Canada for  Canadian thanksgiving!
Hi everybody!  Sorry I have been absent for so long, but my first semester at university has been more stressful than I initially thought it was going to be.  Plus, I've been working on a lot of projects for myself, including cosplays, scrapbooking, and a website to host my new comic!  So I haven't had much time for blogging, or even wearing lolita.  Anyway, instead of telling you everything in text, I will just show you some of my Instagram photos from the past couple of months.

First up was from a convention that me and my friends went to in September called Aoi Uma Con!  It was located in my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky, which was very convenient for me!

I wore my new Whip Magic dress (as seen in this post!) which was surprisingly comfortable.  I didn't take any photos of myself, but I did find this photo of myself from one of the hall photographers.  (I won't just straight up post it here because I am unsure of the photographer's policy regarding that; it's also not the best photo of me!)  You should definitely look at some of his other photographs from the con, so you can see the great cosplayers and see how fun everything was, and you can find other photos from Aoi Uma Con here.

Instead of just going to the convention for fun, I was actually selling in the Artist Alley with two of my friends!  This was my first time doing it, and even though we didn't make very much money, I still had a good time and hope that I can do it again soon.  I think we are planning to go to OMGCon in summer 2013 so maybe I can see some of you there...?!

As well as it being my first convention that I sold at, it was also the first time I ever cosplayed!  If you follow me on tumblr, you will know that I have fallen right into the Homestuck fandom, and so I was really happy that my first cosplay was from it (as it is now my current obsession...!)  Here is a silly purikura'd photo of me and my friend Candice; we were cosplaying as our patron trolls, Feferi and Terezi, respectively!  It was a lot of fun, and even though my outfit wasn't the best, I am working on it more and trying to improve my outfit so that I can cosplay at the next convention I go to as well!

We went all three days, and you can see another photo of us on the Cerulean Photography page, but I didn't take any myself.  I actually didn't take any photos at all for the entire weekend (which is a surprise!)  I just took a few Instagram photos, but still not too many there.  Nonetheless, it was a lovely weekend and I had a lot of fun.  Hopefully I will be able to go again next year!  Hopefully as a seller, and hopefully making more money than we did this time...!

headband: creepyyeha
cardigan: target
cutsew: candy violet
petticoats: bodyline
socks: forever21/angelic pretty
shoes: an*tai*na
I don't have any more interesting photos until the middle of October, which is when I took the risk and started wearing fairy kei!  I was really nervous to start wearing another fashion that wasn't lolita, as I don't really have much of a fashion taste outside of lolita, but I think it's fun to wear and I like making coordinates!  That one above was my very first outfit featuring my brand new Bodyline petticoats and a cute t-shirt from a lolita indie brand from a couple of years ago.

shirts: forever21/tasty peach studios
petticoats: bodyline
socks: target
shoes: an*tai*na
Here is my second fairy kei outfit, featuring my new t-shirt that I bought at Aoi Uma Con from Tasty Peach Studios!  The shirt is really adorable and the quality is great, just as her other products are.  I regret not buying the Inukii messenger is really adorable!  I want some more of her shirts as well, they're all really cute and perfect for fairy kei and casual lolita coords!

headband: creepyyeha
t-shirt: target
necklace: cute parade
jacket: hellcatpunks
petticoat: bodyline
socks: target
shoes: an*tai*na

Here is my Halloween outfit!  I only wore this for a little bit of time until I changed into lolita, but I didn't get a photo of my outfit.  I did get this little snippet of my skirt print from this photo of the Halloween candy my Japanese teacher gave us.

Halloween is usually my favourite holiday but it wasn't that great this year.  Just a normal day of studying and going to classes without any extra fun.  (I don't go to parties, so I can only imagine that most other people on campus had a pretty fun day...haha.)  My other favourite holiday is New Year's Eve, and that was also not great, so I hope next year's holidays are more fun than this year's was!

I had a great cute-vampire costume idea, and I bought vampire fangs to wear with it, but I didn't get a chance to wear them unfortunately!

scarf: target
sweater: hot topic
one piece: angelic pretty
tights: ebay
shoes: an*tai*na
I wore a sugar skull inspired outfit for Dia de los Muertos, which I don't practice but I find it a really interesting and special holiday!  I didn't do much though, just went to class and then work afterwards.  Might have been a waste of a good outfit because I actually really like this outfit!

beret: target
blouse: forever21
jumperskirt: angelic pretty
shoes: an*tai*na
accessories: chocomint/forever21
My boyfriend and I went to get Mexican food and then see the movie Sinister!  I thought it was a pretty interesting movie, and although I really do not get scared by very many movies, I thought this one was pretty creepy and there were some parts that I thought were a bit scary haha.  (I really love watching horror movies, though I rarely get scared by this normal?!)

cardigan: macy's
one piece: angelic pretty
purse: angelic pretty
tights: target
shoes: an*tai*na
accessories: target/forever21/chocomint
This was my most recent outfit!  I don't think I did anything special, just went to my classes and came home...  I do remember I hung out with my friends and also drew a lot, but there's nothing too exciting about that!

Anyway, I really don't have much to say, but I hope you could make it through this post!  Thank you so much for reading and I hope to go back to posting more exciting things soon!

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