Wednesday, April 24, 2013

day dream carnival: get!

For most of these past few months, I haven't been feeling very lolita-y. Of course I still love the fashion, and I still enjoyed looking at photos of beautiful lolitas, dressed to the nines, wearing the newest prints and the hottest trends; I just couldn't bring myself to wear dresses. I definitely couldn't bring myself to look through shops and purchase new clothes.

However, I got over that as soon as the first pictures of Angelic Pretty's newest print came out. I was completely enamoured by Day Dream Carnival; I couldn't stop thinking about it, or imagining coordinates with it, or picturing myself in it, so I vowed that I would purchase it.

Then the day came where it was released on the AP USA website and...I forgot about it!

By a sheer stroke of luck, my friend Cimone (of the blog Pure Maiden) bought the salopette in black and was displeased with how it looked on her, so I took that opportunity to buy it from her! It was really lucky, because that was the colour and style that I wanted.

I just recently received it so I decided to get all dressed up and take some photos!!

i love that little star pouch, even if it is kind of useless (゜▼゜*)
the print has such beautiful details!!

I didn't take many worn photos because I don't really have stuff to make a finished coordinate with it just yet, but here are some anyway:

this was just a mistake pose but i think my face looks the best in it...haha.
I can't wait to have a complete coordinate for it! It's so adorable, I just want to wear it out as soon as possible!

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