Monday, April 29, 2013

on meetups in small communities

Late last year, I was feeling sad because every time I tried to host a meetup, nobody would be able to attend. Whether this was because of a lack of interest or everybody being consistently busy, I'll never know; however, it is discouraging to try to plan things and then not have anyone show up.

I knew that the Toronto area lolitas hold meetups every month, the same location every time, and alternating between having it on the last Saturday and Sunday of the month. They also always seem to have a consistent turn out; while I know much of this is because the Toronto community is much, much larger compared to ours here in Kentucky, I thought that maybe by following their lead we would get some more participation in the community.

And boy, did we!!

Now, we still don't have massive turnout, but this is to be expected with a small community. Still, I think it's pretty good that we've had four meetups already this year with a decent number at each meet.

We recently just had our April meetup, and I thought I would share some (awful) photos!

we played bingo!! i never won :(

daniel being the bingomaster...? numbercaller?

candid shots of daniel and gena.

candids of tiffany and sarah!

louisville lolitas after the meet!



outfit rundown
blouse: forever 21
cardigan: alice and the pirates
jumperskirt: innocent world
socks: innocent world
boots: target
I decided to do the classic lolita thing for this meetup; I couldn't decide between this one or a super-sweet, super-pink outfit, but I'm glad I went with this outfit. I don't wear this dress very often, but I think it's gorgeous!

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