Saturday, July 6, 2013

lolita blog carnival: create a coordinate based on a dessert

A few weeks ago, the Lolita Blog Carnival prompt was to create a coordinate based off of a dessert, but I was on vacation and couldn't really get to a computer to blog, so I'm posting it now! I'm not going to advertise it as such because I'm so late, but I will link the other blogs who participated at the bottom of the post.

rose dress up jumperskirt - angelic pretty
tea party shoes - angelic pretty
sugar ankle socks - angelic pretty
snow dot ribbon lace blouse - baby the stars shine bright
gingham check headbow - baby the stars shine bright
lace tights - offbrand

Pavlova is a dessert from Australia/New Zealand, and was supposedly created after the Russian dancer Anna Pavlova when she visited the countries in the 1920s. It's a meringue-like shell topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit, usually strawberries and kiwis. 

from From My Lemony Kitchen
That's why I chose the white/red/green theme, even though it's kind of a strange colour combination. I also chose the dress because it looks like the fluffy meringue and whipped cream with the ruffles on the side and all the lace all over it. That's also why I chose the lace tights, to make it look light and airy like the dessert itself. Obviously the red and green (mint because it's very rare to find apple green accessories in lolita) represent the strawberries and kiwi, and I even included the bolero with strawberry charms to give it a more literal visual representation.

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