Thursday, July 18, 2013

metamorphose summer 2013 lucky packs

I absolutely love metamorphose; they were the first brand that I fell in love with, the first brand that I owned, and basically the company that got me really invested with lolita. I remember back when our local community started (in 2008!) everybody wore meta, and girls in our community had nearly entire wardrobes dedicated just to that brand. That doesn't seem to be the case at all these days; I rarely see anybody wearing meta anymore, pushing it aside in favour of Angelic Pretty or Baby for sweet lolita, and indie and Taobao brands for gothic. I still love metamorphose though, even though I don't keep 100% up to date with their new releases.

The summer lucky packs went on sale when I was in Ireland at the end of June; I hadn't thought much about it until I saw someone talking about them on Facebook. I quickly messaged my friend and asked if he would like to buy one with me, so we did! This was my first time buying one with someone else, but I was excited about it because that means double the fun while opening them.

The lucky packs were sent to us in the standard plastic brand bag, which was securely wrapped with tape. Since there weren't any shoes or extremely breakable pieces of jewelry in the shipment, this was an effective way to ship (as usual.) The customs form did say that the package was fragile though!

The LPs were separated and placed in these cute tote bags. The bags themselves are a little flimsy and I don't think I would feel safe putting anything heavy in them (like a DSLR camera or textbooks -- although they're the perfect size for that!) but I think they would be good for packing clothes for a weekend trip, or something of that nature.

The bags were decorated with this pin, which I thought was adorable! Silly and probably useless, yes; but then again, what cute thing isn't?

Now onto the pack contents itself:

I chose the "dark colourway" set, but as you can see it's...not very dark. The skirt is a light grey colour (although it's actually grey and white stripes, so it looks even lighter than it actually is) which is quite pretty actually! Just not what I was expecting by going the darker route. My friend picked the light set, and our skirts are pretty much the same tone. I wasn't too bothered by this, however, because I do wear light colours.

The print is called Typewriting Squirrels, and I love it. It's so cute and silly, and I love animal prints! To be honest, I wasn't expecting this print because it was the one shown on the meta website, though I must have read something wrong because apparently all lucky packs had this print in it. That's kind of sad because I like the surprise of seeing what prints from the last year showed up in LPs, but oh well. I do like the print though, and the lace on the skirt is nice. The skirt is a decent length (maybe a little short, but most things are to me) and it's very stretchy. So far I've worn it twice and it's been quite comfortable.

The t-shirt is very cute! I love it. I wasn't expecting it to fit, but when I tried it on it fit perfectly. This is probably not good for others though, as I wear a women's size large in t-shirts so it was probably pretty big on more petit people. But the fabric was nice (a thick jersey) and the printing was very crisp and clear.

And here are the accessories I got! (As well as a snippet of the socks in the upper left corner. I forgot to take a picture of them!) These are very cute in my opinion, but a little silly with the bears. They also don't match the skirt at all because there's not really any purple in the print, and there are no bears either. That's also why I'm not really happy about the socks, because they don't match and I also don't have any purple clothes! But that's just the risk you take with lucky packs.

This is the second LP I've gotten from meta, and I do like most of the stuff in it! I might give the socks to one of my friends, or do a giveaway with them, but all in all it was a good purchase. Buying with my friend also saved on shipping charges, and the total for the LP came to about $100, which is pretty good for what you get! I would definitely buy another LP from meta, but I knew going in that I would probably be pleased with it.

Here's a quick shot of me wearing it all together:

shirt: meta
skirt: meta
purse: Angelic Pretty
socks: Forever 21
shoes: Steve Madden

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