Sunday, October 27, 2013

halloween meetup 2013

[muffled "it's the most wonderful time of the year" playing in the distance]
I often freeze up at the topic of "favourites;" favourite band, favourite class, favourite artist, favourite dress... I usually never have answers to any of those because I just love so much. However, there is one favourite I know for a fact: my favourite month is October. And while it is, in fact, a little heartbreaking to see that my favourite month is soon coming to a close (how did time fly so fast?!) at least I still have Halloween to look forward to.

In celebration of the spooky season, my local lolita group held our monthly meet-up at a park where there was a display of over 5000 jack-o-lanterns! We first had a small picnic before going to the display. It was chilly, but the four of us persevered, and personally I thought it was a pretty successful outing.
our group all together! from left to right:
me, ev, daniel, tiffany
headbow: angelic pretty
blouse: anna house
cardigan: alice and the pirates
jsk: baby the stars shine bright
purse: angelic pretty
tights: forever21
shoes: bodyline
After eating dinner and taking photos of outfits (we tried to take them as fast as possible so we could get our coats back on...!) we started to trek over to the entrance to the jack-o-lantern display. They were all located on a short trail that you could walk through as leisurely as you liked, which I thought was nice. (click for larger pictures!)

my mom and i were upset that they didn't use "spooktacular."

university of louisville school pride!! 

i got home and took accessory shots as well.
makeup and accessories!

All in all, I had a fun night! I hope everyone else did as well, despite the cold. It really got me in the holiday spirit! Right now I'm sitting in my warm bed with a mug of tea, counting down the days until Halloween...

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