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summer 2013: anime conventions (and meetups) pt 3

I'm going to be smashing a bunch of events into one post, and since most of these pictures are going to be cosplay and not lolita I won't have a whole lot to talk about, but hopefully you'll still be interested! This post is very photo heavy, so beware.

Louisville Pride Parade 2013

The first event I'm going to talk about is our local pride parade! This was the first year that I have ever been, and it was a lot of fun. Lots of people and food and fun stuff to do, as well as friends to hang out with. I initally was only there with my friend Caleb and Laurie, but then we met up with some other friends as well!

me, people who wanted to pose with us, caleb, and tiffany!
the fountain was all lit up in rainbow colours, it was super cute!! 
caleb!! it was his first time in lolita, i think he looks pretty good :D
(i made the skirt he's wearing!)
blouse: anna house
jsk: angelic pretty
purse: angelic pretty
socks: angelic pretty
shoes: bodyline
accessories: handmade
all three of us together! i guess i didn't get a solo picture of tiffany. :(
me and laurie!!
I do have to explain my eyepatch! I had a very bad eye infection (something wrong with my tear glands that was making it bleed, and it was quite painful) but I also didn't want to miss this event OR not wear makeup to it, because I was planning on going all out. So I made a flowery eyepatch to match my coord! I don't think it looks too bad, but also definitely not what I was planning!

Anyway, the parade was very fun. So many people took pictures of us and with us! I felt like a celebrity, because even in my 5+ years of wearing lolita, nobody has ever photographed our group that much.

Sukoshicon/PokeCon 2013

Next up was Sukoshicon, which was renamed PokeCon this year! This is a traveling convention that we all went to last year. It wasn't great, but enjoyable enough to return, I guess. I think I had a lot more fun this year, but we didn't really do much besides roam around the convention halls!

On the first day, Caleb and I twinned in our brand new metamorphose lucky pack sets!

but first we ate lunch at big boy and played animal crossing.
very kawaii desu meal, right?
but i can't not eat pie anywhere i go. 
finally outfit shots! we aren't wearing the exact same thing but most things are from the same places.
headbows: handmade
tops: forever21
skirts: metamorphose
tights: forever21
shoes: bodyline
at the con we bought matching rilakkuma/korilakkuma kigurumis!
i haven't worn mine yet but i need to.
On the second day, Caleb wore lolita again but I wore cosplay. I threw together a really quick John Egbert cosplay to match with my friend Candice's Jade Harley. I thought it looked pretty good for something I put together the night before.

arrives at the con 15 minutes late with bubble tea 
diamonds are a girl's best friend, you know. 
me and my jade!
we saw this really cute cosplaying family!! everyone was taking their photo.

unfortunately the best picture i have of caleb from that day.
he was wearing a similar outfit as the pride parade one though! 
stoicism at its finest
probably the only decent picture of my face from that day.
take your wig off and get your taco bell on. 

i switched to my john crocker cosplay somewhere during the day.
also using my natural hair! i got a haircut by the way!
I wore John Egbert again the next day, but a more casual outfit. I can't say it was more comfortable though, because I don't think you can get more comfortable than yoga pants and a t-shirt.

caleb snuck a selfie with my phone.
my face when people won't stop calling out "hey egderp" to me
full body shot! not a very great cosplay, but just casual is okay sometimes too.
candice wore visual kei!
Overall, I thought it was a fun convention. I would probably go back next year! It was very small and probably won't get any bigger, but I just like going to conventions in general; I like their atmosphere and meeting new people and hanging out with old friends while wearing silly clothes and costumes. It's a good feeling!

July Monthly Meetup

The meetup in July was in Louisville, and we went to a cute ice cream parlour instead of our usual coffee shop. We had a tiny crisis before hand which ended up with Caleb and I frantically searching Sally's Beauty Supplies for a wig cap and brush, but it all worked out and we were only a little bit late.

aww yes peach ice cream. 
she had to leave early, but she was adorable!
always stealing my phone for selfies.
our small louisville group! caleb, me, and daniel.
daniel, making me want that bodyline dress!!
caleb wearing lady sloth -- this was the first time seeing it in person but it looks great! 
headbow: chocomint
one piece: angelic pretty
purse: angelic pretty
tights: forever21
socks: angelic pretty
shoes: an*tai*na
After the meet, Caleb and I went to get bahn mi sandwiches at a place right down the street.

i got curry chicken and he got vietnamese tacos! 
trying to not take a derpy picture but it didn't work.
car selfies!
FandomFest 2013

Finally I'm going to shortly talk about FandomFest! This is another fairly new convention in Louisville (this was the second year) but it was pretty big, honestly! And definitely had a great line up of panelists and for autographs, including Stan Lee, William Shatner, the 6th Doctor, and a bunch of others!

I just went on Sunday because I couldn't afford the whole weekend, but I mostly went to hang out with my friend Laurie and do cosplay stuff together! We dressed up as John and Jake from Homestuck.

we saw a super cute dipper and mabel!!
quality selfies.
laurie is 2cute.
us together! it was very bright and this picture is horrendous.
So this was my summer! I had a very eventful one, and I'm glad things have calmed down again and I'm not doing something every weekend, because that got stressful. Now I'm just focusing on art and school work, instead of events. But looking back at all of these pictures really makes me miss the summer, and dressing up and cosplaying and all of my friends! I'll have to start doing more things for fun, which I haven't done as of late.

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