Thursday, October 10, 2013

summer 2013: anime conventions pt 2

I've been going to Anime North every year for the past five or six years (I've lost track!) It's one of my favourite conventions that I go to, and I've made so many friends at this con, and so many memories. I always use it as an opportunity to get dressed to the nines and flounce around in elaborate outfits with other lolitas.

You can read about my experiences at last year's Anime North here and here!

This post isn't going to be very exciting at all because I took so very few photos at this convention, but maybe it'll still peak your interest a little bit!

This year was much more stressful than previous years had been. I had come back from ACEN on Sunday, and then we left for Toronto on Wednesday, so it was a pretty busy couple of weeks for me... We spent Wednesday and Thursday in the Kitchener/Waterloo area of Ontario, which is only about an hour and a half outside of Toronto. (It's also where my family lives and where we were staying during the convention.

This year, on the Friday of the con, I had a booth selling old clothes at the Nominoichi, which is a sort of anime flea market put on every year. In 2013, they had a special row of tables set up just for J-fashion sales, which was really nice. We got a lot of traffic at our table (which was completely full! Mostly because I shared it with a friend) but I didn't end up selling too much. I did break even though, and that was really all that mattered.

I wore my Day Dream Carnival salopette for the first time!

headbow: angelic pretty
blouse: anna house fashion
salopette: angelic pretty
tights: forever 21
purse: angelic pretty
shoes: an*tai*na
(photo by Kayleigh Shepard)
close up of the print, which i am still in love with!
(photo by Kayleigh Shepard)
I wasn't 100% pleased with my coordinate, mostly because I don't know how to make the dress look longer without making it look ugly, or hiding the pretty gold glittery tulle at the bottom. I think wearing almost opaque tights worked though, so I'll definitely try that again next time.

I didn't do anything con-related this day besides the Nominoichi, so there isn't much to report. That took up so much of the day! Luckily I was with friends, so it was still fun.

On Saturday, I was planning on doing a Homestuck cosplay, but since I don't know anybody in the TorontoStuck community, I decided against it in favour of hanging out with the lolitas again. There was a small meetup planned before everyone would go off and do fashion show rehearsals (which I was a part of!) so I attended that with my two friends Kayleigh and Malli.

from left to right: me, kayleigh, malli!
(photo by Kayleigh Shepard)
headbow: baby, the stars shine bright
cardigan: alice and the pirates
blouse: anna house
jumperskirt: alice and the pirates
socks: chantilly
shoes: an*tai*na
purse: angelic pretty
(photo by Kayleigh Shepard)
I look quite bored and sad in these pictures, but I promise I wasn't in real life!! For some reason I got very few good photographs of me over the course of the weekend. I did have quite a lovely time catching up with everybody at the meetup, and fashion show rehearsal was fun as well! Malli and I were planning on twinning for the fashion show, and going to the rehearsal just made me more excited for it.

Sunday was the day of the fashion show, and then later the annual lolita tea party. I always attend, but this year some of my friends were on the fence about going; I convinced them to go, but hopefully they enjoyed themselves despite not originally wanting to go...!

us onstage
(photo by
This was truly a special day for me, because it was my first time twinning! I was happy that I got to do it with one of my closest lolita friends. I felt like we were both truly beautiful and I was so pleased with how our outfits turned out. I do have to give pretty much all credit to Malli though, she was the one who really brought everything together!
headbow: handmade
one piece: angelic pretty
arm warmers: angelic pretty
purse: doris (i think!)
stockings: forever 21
shoes: an*tai*na
tulle overskirt/jewelry: made by malli!!
(photo by Kayleigh Shepard)
The tea party was very fun, as always. Good food, good company, and good entertainment! This year, MC Melody Doll was here as the special guest, all the way from Australia! She sat at our table and it was fun to talk to her and get to know her a little more; she's a very entertaining person in real life.

our table at the party!
(photo by Hedwig Liu)
malli and i with MC Melody Doll!
(photo by Kayleigh Shepard)
And there you have it, my Anime North event report only five months late! It was really a good convention, and I consider this one very special. Anime North was the first con that I ever went to, and it just gets better every year. I'm definitely looking forward to going back again next year!

I have a few more events to blog about, hopefully getting those posts done tomorrow so I can get back to more exciting articles!

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