Friday, November 8, 2013

btssb san francisco webstore review + haul post

Hello lovelies! A few days ago I felt like I deserved some retail therapy, so I went tromping around the internet searching for cute things. I usually never check the Baby The Stars Shine Bright US webstore, which is weird because usually I prefer to purchase from the overseas stores as opposed to the main branches! But while on that site, I found a few things that I just couldn't live without, so I decided to purchase from there for the first time.

I was quite pleased with my experience!

They have quite an easy system, using a shopping cart and PayPal to order. I completed the transaction at 5PM EST on November 5th, and by 5:45 I had gotten an email saying my order had been shipped. That's probably the fastest I've ever had something shipped. They sent tracking info as well, and so for the next few days I kept the webpage up, constantly refreshing to see where my package was.

It arrived today, on the 8th! Three days is pretty standard for using USPS in my experience, but that doesn't change the fact that it is very quick and efficient.

They used pretty standard and efficient shipping methods, which was fine with me. The package arrived to me in one piece, and that's really all I care about.

The inside was packaged very neatly, everything wrapped in tissue paper, a clear plastic bag, and placed nicely inside of a shopping back. They also included a sticker, which I always love...

All of the items together! I was more than pleased with the quality and cuteness of everything, as usual with BTSSB. I ordered one pair of earrings, one headdress, and one cardigan.

The earrings! (The link goes to the clip-on versions, because I think I must have bought the last pair for pierced ears.) I think they're supposed to match a print, but I'm not sure which one. They're very simple but still cute, in my opinion; and the price wasn't bad either. Another thing I like is that the posts are actually made from very hard plastic, which is nice for sensitive ears! They're lightweight and comfortable too. I do have a weakness for brand jewelry though...

The headdress! I'm so fond of old-school lolita styles, and I've been getting more and more into that style; in fact, I just recently bought my very first black-with-white-lace JSK, and so far I've loved coordinating it. I always need more pink things in my hair, because most everything I own can be paired with pink, so I thought I would try out an old-school standby. It's such good quality, with beautiful lace and ribbons and fabric, and I am so excited to wear it out. I am already looking in my closet and planning coordinates with it!

Finally, the cardigan! I'm so happy and excited about this purchase. My other AatP cardigan is a little bit scratchy and tight, and I don't wear it often for that reason; I was expecting this one to be the same, but it's not! It is very comfortable on me, and the fabric it is made out of it soft and easy on the skin. The (faux) fur collar is also very soft and warm, and I'm really looking forward to wearing it this winter when it's cold. A nice thing is that the collar is removable, so you can wear this in a more casual setting as well!

detail shots!
 Overview of BTSSB San Francisco Webstore:

  • Price - 5/5. I thought they had very fair prices, and it didn't seem like they inflated the price from the original sticker price at all. (Of course, brand always comes with brand prices, but for the sake of this review I'm just thinking about how the San Fran store compares with the original Japanese prices...!)
  • Communication - 5/5. I didn't have to communicate with the store at all during my transaction, which is always nice (for me, anyway.) I was kept well-informed about the status of my order, and they emailed me after they shipped my order.
  • Ease of ordering - 5/5. Much, much easier than the Japanese webstore, which I have still yet to completely figure out despite having been buying from them for the past 5 years.
  • Quality - 5/5. Standard BTSSB/AATP quality, but I do buy it for a reason. (The reason is that I love the quality and the designs of the products.)
  • Overall - 5/5. I had a great experience buying with them, and I don't know why I never did it before! I will definitely be buying from them in the future.
As a side note, I think the only reason why I never bought from them before was because I never knew they had a webstore for the US store front? I remember when the store first opened, I was sad because they didn't have a webstore, they just had a blog that kept track of their stock. So sometime between then and now, they must have opened their webstore, and I am very happy about that! Even though the selection is small, it's good enough for me (plus I'm sure you could special order something if you really wanted to, though I haven't checked to be sure.) 

Thank you for reading! Maybe this wasn't the most helpful of reviews, but hey, at least the photos are nice?

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