Monday, December 23, 2013

magical tea time + cute parade reviews

I just cleaned my phone of pictures for the first time in probably a year, and in the process I found photos I took for reviews that I never got around to making! I thought I would make them before Christmas just in case anybody got any money that they need to spend on cute things, hehe.

Magical Tea Time is a store run by Jayne Steiger (who you might know as opiatevampire or jaynejezebelle on tumblr). She sells art prints, as well as fashion accessories that coordinate well with lolita, fairy kei, and most kinds of street fashion. I was interested in her floral headbands, as they looked huge, attractive, and had interesting designs.

I had had my eye on a black and gold one for quite awhile, and one day just decided to splurge and finally purchase it. Shipping was fast and efficient, and I got it within a week.

The box it was shipped in was pretty sturdy and standard, and the packaging itself was effective. It was wrapped in a couple of layers of tissue paper, which worked, though had the box gotten wet or torn, or knocked around in transit, it might not have been enough to protect the item from getting damaged. Luckily that didn't happen, and the headband arrived to me in perfect condition!

I think it's beautiful! The dangling gold pearl chain is just the right size to drape nicely across your bangs without hanging in your eyes or being too short to properly hang. The roses and leaves are nice and standard, the same quality as the ones you can get from any general craft store. There was some excess glue here and there, but nothing that detracted from the look of the headband.I've worn it a few times, and it's very lightweight and easy to wear. It doesn't slip and slide too much, even on a wig, which is always a major plus in my book. (I have a few headbands that I absolutely love, but I never wear because they always fall off my head!)  All in all, I believe it was quite a good purchase. I would definitely buy from her again, and would recommend anybody else to do the same, especially if you're eyeing something already! I'm actually thinking about buying one of her prints, because she's a wonderful artist as well as a wonderful crafter and lolita.

The second store I'm reviewing is one called Cute Parade! I've actually purchased from this store before, but way long ago, when they were still called Cat Nap Caps; I bought a cupcake necklace that is, to this day, still my favourite piece of jewelry! They've since stopped making sweets jewelry and have moved on to resin and custom plastic pieces of jewelry, which I love just as much. I bought two resin pieces from her this time: a ring and a hair clip.

The packaging was really adorable; I absolutely adore when stores put a little extra effort into the packaging, because it really just makes the experience of opening and unwrapping the package that much more enjoyable. It was shipped in a bubble mailer and arrived in perfect condition.

With the order, she included a lovely handwritten note, as well as stickers and her business card, all of which were adorable (and perfect for me, as I'm both a sticker and business card hoarder, hehe.)

The ring I purchased was the perfect size; it's not overwhelming but it's definitely noticeable when worn. It's also wonderfully made. There are no rough edges, and the colour covers the entire area. Some resin pieces have edges where the resin has overflowed off of the mould and left a tiny edge, but this has none of that, and is really professional looking. It's also adorable and glittery and everything I love!

The hairclip is also adorable, though this one has a bit of that resin-edge that I was talking about before. It's not noticeable at all when worn though, and if I wasn't so anal-retentive, I probably wouldn't have even noticed it in the first place. It's a lovely size as well, especially if you like things a little more subdued but still cute. Once again, it seems very sturdy and professionally made, and the clip part is attached quite well (which is something I always worry about.)

I would definitely recommend purchasing from Cute Parade! Everything is really adorable and well-made, and honestly I will probably buy from her again in the very near future, because I'm eyeing many more pieces that she has for sale. I'm excited to see what new designs she will come up with!

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